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Time is running…

…to make visible the invisible


The project

Art to reconnect with the essential


Once, we were water and air. And one day, we will be cloud again. So why not create something together while we’re still here? Welcome to an artistic, poetic and environmental experience like no other, centering around nature, technology and participative engagement.

Collective and artistic project

We are co-creating an ongoing worldwide multimedia project, exploring the elements that link all living species on Earth: water and air. Over the next two years, we’ll be gathering materials through digital and real-world collaborations to create a one-of-a-kind art exhibition. Representing our global perception and memories of nature, the collection will reflect upon and aim to contribute to a more respectful relationship between nature and mankind via the medium of art. 

Art experience n°1 – « The Breathold » – a silent piece

We Were Water & Air wants to make everybody aware of the fragility of humanity’s stay on our planet. As such, we’re a launching a new project underlining the importance of air and breathing: a worldwide participative silence.

Art for change

Globalisation, the digital revolution and increasing awareness of environmental issues have changed the way we perceive our world, while creating new challenges for mankind. Environmental and social questions require action to avoid destruction. These same questions (and the answers we choose to give them) will impact the already changing dynamics of the relationship between humans and nature. WWW&A aims to put this relationship back at the centre of current considerations in contemporary art. We firmly believe that the art of the 21st century will be world-conscious, participative, and multimedia-based.

How to get involved

One breath one silence

  1. Film yourself holding your breath for max. one minute.  
  2. Share your video on Instagram with your location and the hashtag #OneBreathForEarth.
  3. WWW&A will share your post on its website and Instagram account.

Be part of the “longest collaborative silence” for Nature.


One earth one object


Inspired by ancient sculptures designed to invite the viewer’s touch, the HydrOcaHedron (HOH) is a shape combining a Platonic solid ‘shell’ with water and air.

Built and filled with water and air, the HOH is designed to preserve our memory of Nature. Each of these objects is unique, as are the elements it contains, for a sculpture that’s as individual and subtly different as we are.

The HOH will help to make the invisible visible. It’s our artistic and collaborative way of transcending the relation between water, air, and living species.

As such, it will become the symbol of the connection between Human and Nature.

However, this sculpture has not yet found its final destination…

About us

We are clouds of the same water


We, together 

The project is a testament to the power of teamwork. Our work only happen as a group. Some of us have been with the project since its inception, some help when they can, but all are convinced about the purpose of WWW&A: the conviction that art is a powerful language, reconnecting people with nature for a better future together. Thanks to all the Air Keepers of the project. Thanks to all the people who agreed to be interviewed. And many thanks in advance to all those who will participate in the future.

The founder of the project

« As a kid, I struggled to breathe became of my asthma.

Paradoxically, learning to holding my breath while freediving underwater was what healed me.
These early experiences are at the heart of my artistic practices and engagement today.»

Sidney Régis (b. 1979, Guadeloupe) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France, and the founder of We Were Water & Air and Impact Through Art Foundation.

Over the last 25 years, Sidney has worked with/in water:
– as a world-class free diver (two national records),
– as an underwater model (for « Songs of Sea » by Gregory Colbert),
– in collaboration with scientific programs (including international research with the CNRS),
– and as an artist, focusing on water as his medium and primary source of inspiration.

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At the origin, we were Water and Air.
And one day we will be cloud again.
Be part to this artistic and global experience.
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